Engines of Growth for Central and Eastern Europe: Market-creating innovations, agile organizationså and motivated people


26th November 2021
9:30-13:30 CET (Vienna)
Online + On-site [WKO Conference Center, 1040 Vienna]

Status 21.10.2021


Congress Format
The 12. Grow East Congress offers two options to attend:

  • On-site at the WKO Conference Center, Wiedner Hauptstraße 63, 1045 Wien
  • Online via the Congress website – streamed version for an online-participation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed again the fragility of markets when hit by unexpected external shocks. At the same time, we have seen how companies responded to these challenges quickly by adapting their product portfolios and using innovation to grow in new markets. This was most obvious in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, digital communication and e-commerce. Moreover, the pandemic made it clear, that the recovery has to focus on the digital and ecological transformation of our societies.

Those companies that were able to leave behind existing patterns of thinking, anticipate trends and develop innovative solutions for the problems of our time have been among the winners from the crisis. Such innovative companies can be found all over the world, in advanced economies as well as in emerging and transitional markets – the entrepreneurial mind transcends national barriers. However, to bring innovations to markets and turn them into a success, adequate funding, the right organizational cultures and talented and motivated people are needed. Central and Eastern Europe is a region where we can find a thriving startup scene with visionary entrepreneurs and many success stories. What have these forerunners done right? What can we learn from these innovative concepts? What is still missing for a broader movement and stronger impact?

The 12th Grow East Congress invites entrepreneurs, executives and academics to discuss the innovation potential of the CEE-region and the barriers to a faster transformation towards an innovation-led economy:

  • What are the drivers of market-creating innovations?
  • What are the main barriers for innovative CEE firms to grow their business?
  • Is the lack of funding the major hindrance for growth? How well developed are venture capital and private equity financing in CEE?
  • How difficult is it to find the right talents and skills to turn a business idea into a success?
  • Do successful startups from CEE have to leave for bigger markets to grow or can they stay?
  • Which role does the organization’s culture play for market success? Is the culture in innovative companies globally similar or are there some specifics in CEE?
  • What is needed to spur innovation in CEE? Which countries are in the best position to drive this transformation towards a more sustainable and digital economy?


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