Congress Theme 2016

In the last years the economies of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) have been mired in post-crisis stagnation. Foreign investors have faced turbulent times in these markets with weak purchasing power, stiff competition, political turmoil and increasing government interventions. An improving economic performance and consumer sentiment is turning the attention of management again to the region, especially to the countries in Central and partly in Southeastern Europe, as well as to proven business concepts of foreign and local firms that have performed well even in stormy times.

The 7th Grow East Congress will throw the spotlight on firms in CEE that use innovative approaches to grow and expand their businesses. This group of outperformers includes entrepreneurial firms run by visionary founders as well as firms betting on innovation and new business models. While foreign firms tap local business opportunities with a combi-nation of new technologies, strong brands and localized marketing, “local heroes” often innovate in niche markets and escape their narrow home markets by expanding abroad.


In 2016 the „7th GROW EAST CONGRESS“ will take place for the first time on the premises of the WKO Vienna. Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) & Think-Tank-NEUSICHT teamed up with WKO (Austrian Economic Chamber) to present and discuss business concepts of foreign and local firms that outperform their peers. The Congress will focus on companies that have either found new ways or changed existing concepts to succeed in the current turbulent times.

The GROW EAST CONGRESS is a joint project of Dr.Manfred Berger, former CEO of Draftfcb Partners and founder of the ThinK-Tank-NEUSICHT and Ass.Prof.Dr.Arnold Schuh, Director of the Competence Center for CEE at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna). This is already the “7th congress”, since we started in 2007. The main goal of these congress series is to provide insights into the current developments in the emerging Europe and to highlight the challenges that international and local companies face, when expanding into and competing in CEE-Markets.